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On 23 October 1950, the Karachi University Act was authorized by the Government of Pakistan and in 1951 started its teaching and research activities in the two main faculties of Arts and Science.

The wave of globalization has connected the world into an ever integrated community. This massive integration and interaction has been a result of close coordination and frequent socio-cultural, economic and political contacts among the nations of the world. Globalization, thus, has created a new civilization; a civilization of diversity and multiplicity.

Our faculty provides the opportunity to students of the Arts and Social Sciences to develop their knowledge and social skills with the aim of relating their study and research to the needs of the contemporary era.

Through their education, students of the Arts and Social Sciences are empowered to deal with social, spiritual, psychological and historical challenges in the society.  Multi-dimensional curricula and seminars are conducted to transfer moral, ethical, cultural, religious and social values to enable students to resolve the significant issues at societal and national levels.

Prof. Dr. Nusrat Idrees
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences