Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

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On 23 October 1950, the Karachi University Act was authorized by the Government of Pakistan and in 1951 started its teaching and research activities in the two main faculties of Arts and Science.

In the following years, the University developed the Faculty of Arts and added many disciplines of the Social Sciences to offer a wide range of subjects in the humanities and creative fields of study. The students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been encouraged to adopt the latest methodologies and practical skills required to realize their intellectual potential for the advancement of their society as well as their own chosen careers in many walks of life. Students are thus able to integrate their study and projects within the community by learning to think rationally, interpreting data accurately and critically. They acquire the confidence to communicate their ideas creatively and persuasively. The graduates and postgraduates of the faculty thus contribute to the nation by playing an active role in providing the vision and knowledge necessary to lead the nation to a better future.

As the significance of the subjects of Arts and Social Sciences with their focus on human values and societal concepts becomes ever more apparent, the Faculty aims to prepare individuals to meet the growing demand for the multi-disciplinary approach towards solving the problems facing humanity. It is for this reason, that opportunities are provided to the students for conducting a meaningful discourse in a diversity of disciplines ranging from Sociology, Social Work, Mass Communication, Economics , Political Science, History, Islamic learning, Philosophy to Visual Arts, Literatures and Languages.

Through their education, students of the Arts and Social Sciences are empowered to deal with social, spiritual, psychological and historical challenges in the society.  Multi-dimensional curricula and seminars are conducted to transfer moral, ethical, cultural, religious and social values to enable students to resolve the significant issues at societal and national levels.