Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.


Ms. Durriya Kazi (In charge)



The department of Visual Studies has been graduating innovative and award winning designers, architects and artists who are making their mark in the professional world for over fourteen years. The Department sees itself as a bridge between tradition and innovation. Courses are interdisciplinary and contextualized. Students are encouraged to widen their experience and engage with the larger issues within which they will practice. A strong theory component alongside practical and professional courses distinguishes the curricula of the Department. A dedicated faculty supported by visiting faculty from professional fields and the University's own pool of excellent scholars, provides training that is current and professional.


Teaching and Assessment:

Student assessment is based on practical assignments given throughout the term and examinations held at the end of each semester. Passing percentage is 50% in each course, and the result is is calculated on the basis of G.P.R. A student must have obtained a CGPR of 2.45 in order to be awarded a degree.