Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

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Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Qudsia Tariq



The department of Psychology came into existence in 1954 under the Chairmanship of Professor Dr. Qazi Aslam. It gradually attracted both students and teachers with the result that teaching and research psychologists like Dr. Haseen Uddin Zuberi, Dr. S. M. Hafeez Zaid, Dr. Farrukh Z. Ahmed, Dr. Afzal Imam and Dr. M. Wasim led the department to its present academic heights. It has now become one of the leading departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Since 1956, the teaching and practice of Clinicalpsychology has enjoyed popularity both amongst teachers and students of the department.

Teachers of the department are also members of the Sindh Psychological Association and the Pakistan Psychological Association. They further act as subject specialists in the Provincial and Federal Public service commission for the appointment of teachers in colleges. Seminars, lectures, mental health camps, conferences and professional development courses, etc. are arranged for the students so that they remain updated with current activities and will be able to grow intellectually.


Teaching & Assessment

Teaching is based on interactive class participation: group discussions, class presentations by students, assignments, research work etc. to maintain interest and make learning more effective. The use of audio visual aids brings out the creativity of teachers and students, and helps in improving their presentation skills. Assessment is based on class performance of students, their punctuality, assignments and particularly the semester examination results.