Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahim Afaki



The Department of Philosophy was founded in 1952. It is the first department that came into existence in the faculty of Arts initially (now the faculty of Social Sciences) University of Karachi. Prof. Dr. M.M.Ahmed, a man of saintly wisdom and philosophical acumen, was the founder Chairman of the department. From the very beginning, the department has remained committed to fostering a wide variety of philosophical approaches and has gradually evolved towards developing links between philosophy and other disciplines. The members of its teaching staff included Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers. All teachers are strongly committed to teaching and research and have contributed through their publications, significantly in the advancement of knowledge. Moreover, its senior faculty members have also served on important positions of responsibilities in other areas. At present Dr. Abdul Wahab Suri is the senior most faculty member of the department. He is the Chairman of the department.

Philosophy Department is committed to a variety of approaches. Researches pursued by its faculty members and students involve living issues from History of Philosophy, Meta-Logic, Phenomenology, Existen-tialism, Ethics, Analytical Philosophy, Concept of Self; Post Modernist Thought, Islamic Modernism, Philosophical Anthropology, Critical Theory, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Mind, Pragmatism atc. The department has enough human resources to produce high quality researchers in the field of Philosophy of Science, Hermeneutics, Analytical Philosophy, Political theory and Philosophy of Law, Post-modern Philosophy, Muslim Philosophy, Aesthetics, Bioethics etc.


Teaching & Assessment

  • Semester system teaching with midterm and terminal tests.

  • Class performance assessment / Discussion group and presentations.