Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.


Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Nasreen Afzal



The department of History established in 1953 is one of the oldest departments of Karachi University which is proud of having world renowned scholars such as Dr. Mahmood Hussain, Dr. Riazul Islam, Dr. M.H. Siddiqui and many more as its faculty members.


Teaching & Assessment

Every course is a 3 credit hour course. Teaching methodology is based on historical accounts, primary and secondary sources and visits to historical sites and Archives of various institutions. Classroom teaching is interactive and supported by seminar discussions, extension lectures by esteemed scholars. Our teaching approach is analytical unbiased and we encourage students to examine the historical events in global perspective. Our main emphasis is on developing historical research writing. We also offer noncredit courses in various languages as per requirement.

Assessment Scheme: Mid-term, assignments research projects and terminal test