Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.



    • Computer Lab

    • 3-D Printer

    • Wood Workshop

    • Metal Workshop

    • Photography Darkroom

    • Sculpture Workshop

    • Ceramic Kilns and Wheels

    • Printmaking Presses

    • Weaving Rooms

    • Silkscreen Darkroom

    • Professional Sewing Machines

    • Film Editing Studio

    • Seminar Library including Video Library

    • Links with Professional Facilities in the City


Specific Research Areas:

Over the years students have produced over five hundred 8000 word research dissertations in a wide range of cultural and design related areas. These include architecture, urban planning, heritage, crafts, fine art, Islamic art and culture, the environment, social psychology, typography, illustration, design, film, textiles.

Faculty research includes Urban Planning, Rural Development, Disaster Management, Cultural Theory, Sufism, History of Art, Media Studies, Islamic Civilization, History of Film, Philosophy, Psychology, Economic Revival of Traditional Crafts. All faculty are practicing professionals with a national or international profile.

The Department has its own publishing house, the Visual Studies Press, which has recently published its first book: Communication Drawings. A beginner's guide to Graphical Language by our faculty member Naji Akbar. Next publications by faculty members that are in process: A comparative guide to Eastern and Western cultures by Saqlain Zaidi, A practical guide to Islamic Art by Rizwanullah Khan.


Career Opportunities:

Architecture: Architectural Design, Architectural Research, Urban/Rural Planning, Interior Design, Historical Site Management, Landscape Architecture.

Industrial Design: Product Design, Furniture Design, TV/Film Set Design, Transport Systems, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Signage System Design.

Textile Design: Print Design, Apparel Design, Interior Design, Craft Management, Set Design, Fashion Accessories, Stationary for Home Furnishing, Display System Design.

Design & Media Arts: Advertising. Exhibition Design, Information Graphics, Publishing, Editorial Design, Signage, Illustration, Photography, Creative Management, Animation, Motion Graphics, Film & Television Production.

Ceramics & Glass: Pottery, Crafts Management, Glassware, Interior Design Projects, Sculpture.

Fine Art: Art Practice, Art Criticism, Animation, Illustration, Set Design, Video, Art Administration, Art Restoration, Gallery Management, Miniature Painting, Museum Consultancy.

Islamic Arts: Museum Consultancy, Architectural Detailing, Islamic Patternmaking, Crafts Management, Miniature Painting, Book Binding, Art Research, Restoration, Calligraphy, Ceramics.

Art History: Art Critic, Museum Consultant, Researcher, Art Administration, Art Restoration, Gallery Owner, Art Restoration.

MSDI: Designer, Policy Marker, Consultant for NGO and INGO and Government Planning organizations.