Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.



The disciplines of the Arts and Social Sciences are a significant contribution to our society as they create future leaders and professionals who have the sound scholarship and intellectual integrity to play an important part in the advancement of Pakistan, in a diversity of ways. Our university is known for have produced renowned educationists and academicians who have made a mark not only within but also outside the country by participating in a dialogue at the international level through their research. The alumni of the university are successful in maintaining the reputation of the university as they build their careers, both here and abroad.

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students aim to discover new ways of conceptualizing art in relation to ideological and social development. It is clear that without the cultural and philosophical content to economic and social or political transformation, there is a loss in human values, traditions, languages and art forms.

All these quintessential components are addressed in the teaching, programmes of the Faculty. Students can select their subjects with flexibility and choice in the various options available to them along with their co-curricular activities that help in promoting dynamic individuals who will be an asset to our nation.



Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi

Vice Chancellor

University of Karachi.