Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.



The Department of Library and Information Science has a well-stocked seminar library, a practical lab for cataloguing and classification and well equipped computer lab having34PCs with the facility of networking and Inter net. Multimedia, slide projectors, sound system and other equipment are available for academic and co-academic activities.


Dr. Abdul Moid Memorial Library

The seminar library (Dr. Abdul Moid Memorial Library) of the department caters to the needs of the students as well as the faculty. The seminar library has more than 3000 books, 300 thesis and back volumes of 50 journals on library and information science. The library has a total capacity of 40 users. The timings of the library are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Computer Lab

A computer lab has recently been setup for the students and faculty of the department. The lab is equipped with computer terminals for 24 simultaneous users, connected to the internet through a local area network. It provides unlimited and real-time access to major information resources. The computer lab is also equipped with multimedia and laser printer. Students and Faculty members can use this facility during the office hours.


Cataloguing and Classification Laboratory

The department have a separate Cataloguing and Classification Laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with latest editions of Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, Library of Congress Classification Scheme, Library of Congress Subject Heading List  and Sears List of Subject Heading.


Digital Library

The department is connected with the National Digital Library hosted by the Higher Education Commission. The digital library is currently providing access to over 11,500 full-text scientific journals.


Specific Research Areas

Research is actively pursued by the faculty in their respective fields of interest. The students are required to produce research at various levels, ranging from short assignments to the optional Final year thesis.