Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.


Department Environment

The Department of Economics is one of the largest Departments of the faculty of Arts, University of Karachi. The Department has the entire necessary infrastructure. It has several big size Lecture Halls, normal size class rooms, a computer laboratory and a seminar library and ample space for offices of faculty members and secretarial staff. In addition the Department also has its own public address system, over-head projector, cyclostyling machine and an electric generating set.



The seminar library has a good collection of books and periodicals related to Economics, Finance and Transport, In order to fill the gaps, inter-library books borrowing and lending facilities are also available with other major libraries in the city. The department has two well-equipped computer labs.


Specific Research Areas

The research interest of the teaching faculty includes: International / Global Economics; Monetary Economics; Islamic Economics; Innovation & Productivity; Globalization Economics Growth; Development Economics; Banking &Finance; Human Resource Management and Financial Economics


The Seminar Library

The Department is an ideal place for study and research. The Department has its own library which has a good collection of books and periodicals related to Economics and Transport. For materials not found in the library, full use is made of inter-library loan facilities and links are established with other major libraries in the city, including the main library and the research library of A.E.R.C. of the University of Karachi. The Department’s Library facilitates the students with the availability of the course material as well as reference literature that they shall need during the course.


Student Extra-Curricular Activities

For the development of healthy mind and body, extra curricular activities are also organized. Good opportunities for sports like cricket, football, hockey do exit. Inter Department tournaments are arranged each year in these sports during student week. The department also arrange study tours and visit to the Financial Ins ti tu ions. These visit supplement the theoretical knowledge.

The students at the Department enjoy great accessibility to the administration and the faculty, students know each other personally. Faculty members and students interact with each other outside the class in an informal manner and teacher are usually well aware of the characteristics of all students, besides their academic achievement. This easy accessibility to senior faculty members plus the rich extra curricular life helps in the personality development of the students and they become much more confident, matured and dynamic.


Student Extra-Curricular Activities

The Department has made arrangements through philanthropist, for awarding Gold Medals to students securing positions at the Honors and Masters Level.