Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

You are Welcome to Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Karachi.



Our faculty provides the opportunity to students of the Arts and Social Sciences to develop their knowledge and social skills with the aim of relating their study and research to the needs of the contemporary era.

An effort to understand and harmonize the deeply valued norms of culture and society with the modern technological and scientific developments is essential for the progress of our future generations with a balanced approach to life.

The ever changing crosscurrents of events and personalities, having their own global impact, require a multi-dimensional response from our students whose practical and scholarly expertise is developed for this purpose.  Students are invited to engage with the ideas and arguments of others with understanding and respect. These capabilities prepare students to play a vital role in academics and in their work place with competence and dynamism.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Qadri

Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

University of Karachi.